Swiftsure 26: Versatile

Rigged as combination troller, longliner and crabber, with an offset wheelhouse. The Swiftsure 26 is a versatile boat that can be used throughout the year.


The Swiftsure 26 is a versatile boat that can be configured for a great number of uses, either as a commercial or recreational vessel.

Twenty six feet is about as big as you can get and still have a trailerable boat. This boat is very popular as a combination vessel for use in Alaskan coastal villages.  It also makes an outstanding and very rugged cabin cruiser. We've configured this boat as a longliner, crab boat, and troller, often with the house aft for a more comfortable ride in tough weather. This substantial boat often carries a big 4 stroke or two medium sized engines, and can be equipped with an inboard outboard drive unit.

This is a big impressive platform, suitable for a number of commercial and serious recreational uses.


  • Length  26'
  • Beam  8'6"
  • Transom Height 25"or 30" 
  • Maximum HP:  300
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