Swiftsure 20: On the Run

Fast and agile, the Swiftsure 20 is a very serious sport fishing boat, with long range and seaworthy abilities.


The Swiftsure 20 is a versatile boat that stands up to rough duty. It can be configured for a number of uses, and excels as sportfisher, configured just the way you want.

A rugged and handsome boat, it provides generous deck space without appearing “fat and stubby”. Having an appropriate 3 to 1 length to beam ratio, the boat has proven to be fast and comfortable. The Swiftsure 20 has all the features of our larger boats, and has been configured as a fireboat, a workboat and a heavy duty, offshore sportfisher. In fact, there are three local boats that routinely travel 50 to 60 miles offshore in search of albacore tuna!

Like all of our boats, the Swiftsure 20 is considerably overbuilt to withstand years of extreme duty, and is a great platform to configure just the way you want and need.


  • Length:  20'
  • Beam:  6' 10"
  • Transom:  25"
  • Freeboard above deck:  22"
  • Maximum H.P:  150
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